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Arena Corps

Watch the Northernaires in Action from 2009

Northernaires Show from 2010

The Mission

The mission of the "ARENA CORPS" is to provide our members and new members another venue to perform in. It will also help the corps to grow and continue to be the PRIDE of the Menominee/Marinette/Peshtigo area.

What Is An Arena Corps?

The "Arena Corps" is different than the "Alumni Corps" because it is a smaller group that performs in a non-competitive drum corps show during the late winter and spring months. The Arena Corps membership will consist of about 20 brass, 5 percussion, 12 color guard, 5 Honor Guard, and 1 Drum Major. These members will wear a complete uniform that is an update to our past uniform from the 60's and 70's. The Arena Corps is an All-Age Corps and is open to anyone.

The Northernaires Arena Corps

The Northernaires Arena Corps was an active member of the Small Drum Corps Association (SDCA) in 2009 and 2010 and performed in indoor venues such as high school gyms, indoor stadiums, arenas, and other indoor venues. The idea is similar to "Arena Football" but with Drum & Bugle Corps.

What Is The Arena Corps Style?

The Arena Corps show style will be "Old School" and will be similar to the pre-DCI years in the late 60's to early 70's look with a twist of some new. The show will consist of an "Opener", "Color Presentation", "Concert", and "Closer". The show length will be from 9 to 13 minutes long. The SDCA shows are non-competitive but there will be three judges with tape recorders who will critique the brass, percussion, and general effect of each corps for the corps' use for improvements. Each show will have an "Audience Choice" to award the top three corps a trophy at the end of the show.

The Arena Corps show music will use popular charts. The average number of songs to learn and memorize will be from 4 to 6. Show time length is from 9 to 13 minutes long.

The Arena Corps drill will be limited so to accommodate members who travel long distances and can't make every practice. The marching style will be "Old School" and use pivots, pinwheels, company fronts, squads, and some new styles. We will be starting from the left side starting line and ending on the right side of the field. We will use some high knee lifts at some times in the drill but not all of the time. The amount of marching drill will be no more than 50% of the show which may be around 30 sets to learn. The drill will also use a 360 degree exposure for gyms and other venues.

The SDCA show rules also allow the percussion to park or set their drums onto stands. We will start the show with everyone carrying their percussion during the "Opener" but afterwards can be set into stands. A drum set will also be used due to the limited number of percussion players needed and due to the acoustics of the venues we will be playing in. A pit will not be needed but bells, xylophones, marimbas, vibes, and other equipment can be allowed but not in great quantity. This is a small corps and not a full size summer corps.

The color guard will use updated flags and perform spins, angles, and tosses as required to enhance the show. But since this is an "Old School" style, props, dance or ballet will not be used. Rifles, sabers, and flags will be the equipment used.

The Honor Guard will consist of the American Flag, Corps or State Flag, Rifle, Saber, and Color Guard Sergeant. Additional flag bearers can be added using the corps' replica flags. The Honor Guard will be featured in the show during the "Color Presentation" portion and then will march to the left corner of the field and stand at attention during the rest of the show. The Honor Guard will both lead the corps onto the field and off the field during the show.

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